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Application Process

    The BSUN is intended to function under the framework of the Academic Cooperation in the Black Sea Region (art. 23 BSEC Charter). In this respect, all institutions sharing this aim are invited to join the BSUN.

    The interested Universities and other organizations should apply to the BSUN National Secretariat in their country or to the International Permanent Secretariat filling an application form and providing relevant information and documents.

    The Executive Board appoints a Committee to analyze the applications and formulate a proposal to be approved in one of Executive Board ordinary meetings.

    After the approval of the Executive Board the applicants should pay the membership fee of 500$, to the International Permanent Secretariat and receive a Membership Certificate valid for one year.

Members of the BSUN

Presidential Troika

BSUN President in Office
Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Giga Zedania
Ilia State University, Georgia

Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian
American University of Armenia

Members Events

International Summer School "Sustainable Development Goals"

Organized by
July 14, 2018
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