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The 8th International Conference on Popular Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa
Throughout history, the geography now corresponding to the country of Georgia has been an important crossroad between East and West. For hundreds of years, its capital Tbilisi has been a dynamic site for the meeting, exchange, and consumption of local and travelling popular cultures. Inspired by the dynamic flows of people and ideas through Georgia and the rich history of its capital as an important site of cultural production and intercultural exchange, we invite research proposals for the 8th International Conference of Popular Culture of the Middle East and North Africa that interrogate ideas of popular cultures in the region between “site” and “flow.”

Since the advent of British cultural studies, the notion of the importance of popular culture as a site of social struggle has proved a rich foundation for ethnographic cultural exploration and analysis around the world. This has been especially true of popular culture of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as the shifting landscapes of revolution, counterrevolution, and occupation continue to color the political lenses through which the region and its cultures are both experienced and understood. The notion of Arab, Iranian, Turkish, and regional minority popular and youth cultures as expressions of resistance, sites of struggle, and processes of radical deliberation have been important frameworks for understanding politics in MENA pop-cultural production.

Organized by: ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Georgia
Datefrom 2017-09-28 to 2017-09-30
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