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adriana stanga -View details
algiu madalina studentView details
Andrii Smoliarov Assistant to Rector (International Relations Dept.)International Projects, Design, WEB Tech., Automated SystemsView details
Anna Moreno information and training service head at ENEAe-learning and capacity building View details
Avram Elena-Rita Assist. prof. View details
Çetin BEKTAŞ Associate Prof.Business AdministrationView details
Crisan Gloria Cerasela LecturerArtificial Intelligence Concurrent computingView details
Cropotova Janna researcher, PhD studentfood technology & engineeringView details
Deniz Turgay Altılar Assoc.Prof.Parallel and Distributed Systems Grid and Cloud Systems Real Time Systems Wireless Networks Nano Communication Vehicular Networks View details
Dragos Onescu General ManagerInternational RelationsView details
Eugen Zaharescu Assoc.Prof. PhD.Image Processing Mathematical Morphology Data Base Web ProgrammingView details
Geambazu Serin master studentUrban and Regional planning- research on Black Sea Region.View details
Hamadullah Sohu Director Social worker,Youth Activist,Event Manager,View details
Hamood Ahmed Siddiqui AgronomistAgriculture,Business Development,Agro-Forestry,Research & Development,Agricultural consultancy.View details
ISSOUFOU BAMBA studentImplementation of security council Resolution 1325(2000)in AfricaView details
Kiyotaka Akasaka USG, UNView details
Md. Sultan Mahmud PhD Fellow, Genetic Engineering Center, Chongqing UniversityPlant Protection and Ag. Biotech.View details
Pop Ioan-Cornel technicianGISView details
Prof R K Suri Secretary GeneralEducation ManagementView details
Pruteanu Eusebiu mrinformatics distributed system human-computer interaction data-structure intelligent system in ecologyView details
Sarwar Jahan Vice-President(OP)Management,Budgets,Product Development, Staff Development,Team Management, Negotiation View details
Suha Yazici Director, R&D-EducationElectrochemistry, Fuel cells, batteriesView details