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Joint Exploratory Workshop of the EIT RawMaterials and Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking - FCH2JU on:



 “Critical Raw Materials in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Value Chains


The purpose of the event is to initiate a model of cooperation between two large RTDI groupings which are part of the main pillars of the Innovation Union Strategy of the EU, in order to generate synergies and multiplication factors for turning European creative approaches and ideas into products and services.

The event is organized in the context of the commitments of EU member states to support the implementation of the COP 21 Agreement, where hydrogen energy technologies could play a fundamental role in mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, in the process of a broad implementation of fuels cells and hydrogen technologies in fast emerging sectors, it is important to consider the whole value chains of these technologies in order to assess their overall ecological impact, and to design strategies to improve these products and their value chains economically as well as ecologically.

The increasing use of fuel cells in cars, for example, is expected to lead to a quickly growing demand for Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) because fuel cells vehicles require a multiple of the PGM amounts needed for conventional cars. PGM production is not only itself related to some negative environmental impacts (e.g. through the use of fossil-fuel energy for mining and metallurgical plants), but also raises questions of long-term availability due to the limitation of reserves and Europe’s economical dependence on the countries of the materials’ origin. In order to avoid future barriers for development and dissemination of FCH technologies, their materials demand and the related issues should be considered early enough in order to develop strategies to react on the changing markets and the new challenges – as well as the opportunities – they are posing.

The participants are expected to take part in open debates by expressing their opinions, sharing their experience, and presenting proposals for further development of FCH technologies considering the sustainability of the future value chains.


Datefrom 2017-02-16 to 2017-02-17
LocationBucharest, Romania

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