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Between 3rd and 7th of July, Prof. Dr. Eden Mamut, Secretary General of the Black Sea University Network had an official visit to Turkey.

On the first day of the visit, Prof. Mamut had a meeting with the Director of the Center for Practical Training for Marine Students, Mr. Hisashi Yamamoto. On this occasion there were evaluated the activities that were carried out on the basis of the joint initiatives of BSUN and the Center and there were defined the objectives for the next period.

The two organizations agreed to develop an extensive shipbuilding project combined with research and exploration facilities to enable students from the universities of the Black Sea region to practice internships at the highest level of exigency.

On the second day, Prof. Mamut visited Faculty of Aeronautics and Aeronautics of Istanbul Technical University. On this occasion, Prof. Mamut meat the research team from the field of aerospace applications coordinated by Mr. Prof. Dr. Alim Rustem Aslan. The visit also included a meeting with the students from Masters and PhD programs.

The field of space technologies was defined as a priority area for cooperation within BSUN. The results obtained with regard to the projects carried out so far and the benchmarks for the current period have been presented during the visit. It was proposed to organize a workshop with the participation of collectives from the partner universities from Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria,  in November 2017.

On July 5th, Prof. Mamut attended the Plenary Session of the General Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation - PABSEC. On this occasion, he presented the position of BSUN regarding the relaunch of the cooperation in the Black Sea region. In his speech, Prof. Mamut referred to the complexity of the problems faced by the countries in the region that require extensive cooperation with the active involvement of the representatives of the universities and the decision factors.

The proposals of the Black Sea Academic Community refer to educational programs and innovative methods of cooperation between universities and various institutions in the administrative, socio-economic and cultural sector that promote a culture of cooperation, mutual rapprochement and mutual respect among the peoples of the area.

On behalf of the academic community in the Black Sea area, Prof. Mamut addressed the delegations of the Parliaments of the countries in the region the message of concern about the particularly dangerous developments in the region that launched an arms race and various forms of confrontation. All these developments can have serious consequences and that is why the call was launched to stop these dangerous developments and to work together to find solutions that unite the peoples of the region for a future based on cooperation and prosperity.


Datefrom 2017-07-03 to 2017-07-07

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