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On the occasion of the International Week of Entrepreneurship, the Black Sea University Network proposes to put an emphasis on the need to train the new generations of future entrepreneurs focusing on the development of skills and attitudes needed in this field.

The event will be organized in collaboration with the Constanta City Hall and the Ovidius University of Constanta, with the support of the Aspen Institute in Romania and will be hosted by the "Mircea cel Bătrân" National College.

The contest is addressed to the students from BSUN member universities as well as from outside of the network, high-school students and young graduates.

The topic of the event is dedicated to the field of sustainable energy, the promotion of value chains based on decarbonised technologies, the use of advanced materials to increase the efficiency of energy conversion and conservation systems, the promotion of information technologies, smart utility networks through eco-innovative solutions. 


The event includes the following components: a plenary session that will introduce the current status of involvement of entrepreneurship in the energy sector, a poster session with project proposals and start-up ideas on promoting energy production, distribution and end-use solutions, a contest panel of business ideas and a workshop on "Advanced Materials and IT&C for Intelligent Energy Systems".


LocationConstanta, Romania

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