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The 7th Global Baku Forum (7GBF) is coming at a particularly critical moment and a difficult crossroads in governance of the globe. Multilateralism is in retreat. The authority of international institutions is in decline. Big Power politics is regaining legitimacy. Democracies are struggling with profound existential questions. Cherished foundational values are being challenges. Xenophobia and intolerance are threatening open borders and the status of religious and ethnic minorities. The authority of Science and integrity of the media are under siege. New technologies are emerging faster than society and culture can adapt. Keynote speakers will include Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev and addresses by current and former heads of state, foreign ministers, international diplomats and thinkers, including Ashraf Ghani (Afghanistan), Kerry Kennedy (USA), Fareed Zakaria (USA), Jeffrey Sachs (USA), Helen Clark (New Zealand), Vaira Vike-Freiberga (Latvia), Aleksander Kwasniewski (Poland), Tarja Halonen (Finland), Ilir Meta (Albania) and Wu Hailong (China).
Datefrom 2019-03-14 to 2019-03-17
LocationNizami Ganjavi International Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

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