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Between October 10 and 11, the city of Baku, Azerbaijan was the site for the International Humanitarian Forum. Organized under the high patronage of Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Dimitry Medvedev, the Forum is meant to be the framework for discussion, debate and exchange of views on current and future issues of human society in the 21st century.

The Forum was organized in plenary and thematic sections, dedicated to themes such as: multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue, ethical issues in medical and biological sciences, the convergence of sciences in the approach of societal challenges, advanced technologies, especially IT&C technologies, data security issues in the digital era, the impact of internet and social networks on public opinion, journalism and policies, as well as other subjects consistent with, associated with or derived from them.

The works of the Forum are part of the events organized in celebration of 20 years of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The organizers have made special efforts, inviting leading figures, scientists Nobel Prize laureates, members of the academic community, writers, journalists, politicians and members of civil society and provided impeccable conditions for the smooth running of the event.

Over five hundred participants from all continents have had the opportunity to listen to the lectures and views of personalities such as: Prof. Ahmed Zewail from Caltech USA, laureate of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1999, Süleyman Demirel, former President of the Republic of Turkey, academician Victor Sadovnichy, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Prof. Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania, and to acknowledge the Azerbaijani people’s outstanding achievements in the two decades of independence.

Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) was represented by university Professor Eden Mamut, with a theme on eco-innovation and holistic engineering for sustainable development.

The Forum was intended to be a think tank, summarizing the main ideas in a Declaration, adopted at the end of the works and which presents a series of proposals and views on the problems dealt with.


On this occasion, Professor Eden Mamut met with BSUN members in Azerbaijan, in order to assess the current state of the activities and to address future projects.

At the proposal of the academician Abel Maharramov, Rector of Baku state University, a research and academic cooperation program on the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases was initiated. A workgroup was constituted, including specialists from the Ministry of Environment of Azerbaijan, SOCAR State Oil Company, and from several institutes of the Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan. After several working sessions,  they defined a set of five projects, as follows:

  •  The development of a quantitative and qualitative assessment methodology of the sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gases;
  •  The development of a demonstrative project on the separation of CO2 from burnt gases and their injection into low productivity oil wells;
  • The development of a risk assessment methodology for the use of oil sites for the sequestration of CO2;
  • To identify new innovative CO2 uses for the production of new materials;
  • An initiative for cooperation between universities in the study of CO2 separation and sequestration phenomena.

A number of universities, research institutes and corporations from the EU, USA, Korea and Japan are already affiliated to these projects. The program is established within the UN Academic Impact Initiative and is to be extended in the following period.

For further information, please contact Georgiana Bercaru: tel./fax +40-241-606462, email:

First announcement:

Baku International Humanitarian Forum is to be held on 10-11 October 2011 under the chairmanship of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev and the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev. It is supposed that they will address the Forum during the opening ceremony.

The objectives of the Baku Forum are to consider comprehensively the humanitarian aspect of new challenges of the 21st century. The organizers of

the Forum, who represent natural, economic and humanitarian sciences as well as the cultural elite, set an ambitious task of formulating a new humanitarian agenda aimed at its further consideration on an international scale and more precise research.


There will be round tables within the Forum on seven directions.

The themes of the round tables are:

  • Multiculturalism: achievements and problems
  • Modern technologies that changed the world
  • Convergence of sciences
  • Biotechnologies and ethical problems
  • Humanitarian aspects of economic development models
  • Social journalism and high technologies
  • Traditional value systems in postmodern culture

It is supposed that prominent figures of science and culture including Nobel Prize laureates will take part in the round tables.

A special publication which includes brief information about the participants and comprehensive characteristics of the issues to be discussed will be issued by the time of the Forum.

All invited persons are kindly asked to send the theses of their speeches and specify the round tables they want to take part in until 10 September 2011.

Working languages of the Forum: Azerbaijani, Russian, English.

Phone: 596-93-22, 596-90-67, 596-90-72

Datefrom 2011-10-10 to 2011-10-11
LocationBaku, Azerbaijan Republic
ContactGeorgiana Bercaru: tel./fax +40-241-606462, email:

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