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On August 21-25, 2011, was organized in San Diego, California, the international Conference SPIE OPTICS + PHOTONICS.

The Black Sea Universities Network was represented at the event by Prof. Victor CIUPINA, Rector of "Ovidius"University of Constanta.

The mai topics of the Conference were:
  • NanoScience + Engineering: Topics include metamaterials, plasmonics, carbon nanotubes, optical trapping, graphene, spintronics, nano-solar hydrogen, nano thin films, nanomaterials, nanoengineering, and nanobiosensing. 
  • Solar Energy + Technology: Topics include thin films, concentrators, reliability, solar hydrogen, next-generation cell technology, and materials processing.
  • Organic Photonics + Electronics: Topics include OLEDs, OTFTs, OPVs, organic semiconductors, organic materials, liquid crystals, and large-scale fabrication. 
  • Optical Engineering + Applications: Topics include optical design, systems engineering, metrology, photonic devices, solid state lighting, x-ray FELs, gamma-ray and particle technologies, remote sensing, and atmospheric, and space optical systems.

Datefrom 2011-08-21 to 2011-08-25
LocationSan Diego, California, USA

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