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On 14 April 2011, the EIT organized a conference under the auspice of the Hungarian Presidency, with the aims to allow the EIT Governing Board to present its strategic vision for the future of the EIT and new Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and to gain valuable, first hand feedback from key EIT stakeholders.

The conference was held in Budapest, hosted at EIT headquarters, in close collaboration with the Hungarian Presidency of the European Council.

The event had been opened by Minister of State Dr. Zoltán Cséfalvay- Ministry for National Ecomonomy,Hungary, followed by Commissioner A. VASILIOU- European Commissioner of Education, who has launched the open public consultation on the future of the EIT, and the potential (link) future KIC themes.

The funding of the KICs by the EIT accounts for only 25% of the total KICs budget. The remaining 75%reflects the commitment of KIC partners and comes from the partner’s resources and regional, national or European funding attracted by partners.

The EIT and the KICs are designed to continously learn from each other. They establish and facilitate a culture that helps unlock Europe’s underused potential to leverage people, technology and business innovation for greater EU innovation impact.

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LocationBudapest, Hungary

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