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On April 07th, 2011, Prof. Eden MAMUT had an official vist to Varna Technical University.
  • The Agenda of the meeting included the following items:
  • Presentation of the activities to be developed under UN Academic Impact Initiative in the area of sustainable development;
  • Discussions for integration of TUV in the project proposal D-MeB
  • The initiation of the Project ARGOS;
  • Establishment of a mechanism for exchange of PhD University of Varna and Politechnica University of Bucharest.
Participants to the meeting:

•    Prov. Vencislav Valchev, Vice Rector of Varna Technical University
•    Prof. Illia Hadzhidimov, Head of International Relations Department
•    Prof. Nikolai NIKOV, Varna Technical University
•    Prof. Eden Mamut, Black Sea Universities Network
•    Claudiu Babis, PhD student at Politechnica University of Bucharest

Conclusions of the discussions:
  • There were defined the responsibilities and actions to be taken for the development of the project proposals D-MeB and launching of ARGOS Project;
  • Varna Technical University shall initiate a program for the mobility of PhD students with Politechnica University of Bucharest. Starting with May, 2011, Mr. Claudiu Babis shall start an internship of four months under the coordination of Prof. Nikov.
  • Varna Technical University shall evaluate possibilities to propose activities under UNAI Initiative;
LocationVarna, Bulgaria

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