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BSUN Events

Purpose of the visit:
  • The presentation of the current status of the BSUN activities;
  • Initiation of a project proposal on Carbon capture and sequestration technologies with Baku State University;
  • Initiation of a project on renewable energy sources with Azerbaijan Technical University;
  • Evaluation of the possibilities for involvement of the Azerbaijani universities in the UNESCO-UNITWIN (UUOOI) Initiative developed in partnwership with Handong Glogal University.

October 3rd
  • Presentation of a Seminar on : United Nations "Academic Impact" Initiative - opportunities for students and professors to contribute to the implementation of UN Principles, AT Baku State University;

October 4th
  • Presentation on BSUN Activities related to cooperation in the field of Nano and Micro Technologies at Center for Nanotechnologies of Baku State University;
October 5th
  • Visit of Azerbaijan Technical University and presentation of the Project Proposal on renewable energy sources at the department of Energy Technologies;
October 6th
  • Conference offered to the representatives of BSUN member universities form Azerbaijan on: The Current status of Academic Cooperation under the frame of BSUN, at the Korean IT Center, from Baku State University. During the conference it has been organized a Skype Kim Young Sup from Handong Global University;
October 7th
  • Meeting with the representative of SOCAR and Baku State University for a presentation on CO2 Capture and Sequestration as a Pathway towards a De-Carbonized Future Economy;
October 8th
  • Visit of the BSUN Center Ciobanzade on Turkology for discussing about the activities to be organized in the next period.
Datefrom 2011-10-01 to 2012-10-09
LocationBaku, Azerbaijan

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Presidential Troika

BSUN President in Office
Prof. Giga Zedania
Ilia State University, Georgia

Prof. Vladimir Bumbaširević
University of Belgrade, Serbia

Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece