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Event NameDate 
Launching Event of the COSMOMAR Centre – Competence Centre for Space Technologies in Constanta 2014-12-05View details
THE IV BAKU INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN FORUM 2014-10-02 <-> 2014-10-03View details
Sustainable Development of the Blue Economy of the Black Sea - Enhancing Marine and Maritime Cooperation 2014-01-30View details
Eurasian Businessmen Forum in Gebze - Kocaeli 12-15 December 2013 2013-12-12 <-> 2013-12-15View details
Workshop on: Integrating Numerical and Experimental Approaches for The Design of Next Generation Fuel Cells 2013-12-10View details
Sustainable Development of Contemporary City 2013-12-06 <-> 2013-12-07View details
Simferopol International Autumn School on: Advanced course on thermodynamics 2013-11-18 <-> 2013-11-23View details
Workshop on: Tourism as a key factor for sustainable development of the Black Sea Region 2013-11-06 <-> 2013-11-09View details
Baku International Humanitarian Forum 2013 2013-10-31 <-> 2013-11-01View details
Protection and Sustainable Management of the Black Sea Ecosystem, Third Millennium Imperative 2013-10-31View details
BSUN Workshop: Frontier Research Perspectives on Nanotechnologies 2013-10-30View details
Black Sea - Challenges Towards Good Environmental Status 2013 2013-10-28 <-> 2013-10-31View details
BSUN Think-Thank Workshop on: The Impact and the Opportunities Offered by the Information and Communication Technologies and Social Networks on the Structuring of Civil Society 2013-09-25View details
A BSUN students team won the 1st prize at the 1st UNAI Collegian Research Competition and Global Development Conference "Assessment of UN Millenium development Goals (MDGs) and Prospect of Post-2015 Framework" 2013-08-23View details
UNAI Workshop on “Pathways towards a Green Economy” “Energy from Waste : Biogas Production” 2012-11-12View details
Seminar on: „Green Economy – the new paradigm for science and education” 2012-06-05View details
Forum on “Academic Cooperation for Peace & Welfare in the Mediterranean & Black Sea Region” 2012-05-16 <-> 2012-05-19View details
Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation 2012 2012-04-02 <-> 2012-04-03View details
WORLD WATER DAY 2012 2012-03-22View details
Black Sea Hydrogen Sulfide Workshop 2011-12-14 <-> 2011-12-15View details
INSAE Colloquium on: „Energy Efficiency” 2011-11-25View details
UN “ACADEMIC IMPACT” MEETING ON SUSTAINABILITY 2011-11-14 <-> 2011-11-17View details
United Nations Academic Impact - ASPIRE 2011-10-28View details
Seminar on: Technologies for Biomass and Biogas Processing for Sustainable Energy Solutions 2011-10-24View details
International Summer School on: High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing for Sustainable Development 2011-09-12 <-> 2011-09-16View details
Prof. Eden Mamut is addressing the Closing Keynote at the 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference: Sustainable Societies Responsive Citizens, Bonn, 3-5 September 2011 2011-09-03 <-> 2011-09-05View details
Sustainable Energy Day in Constantza 2011-04-12View details
International Conference on "Education & Governance for Sustainable Development" 2011-03-16 <-> 2011-03-19View details