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BSUN Events from 2013

Eurasian Businessmen Forum in Gebze - Kocaeli 12-15 December 2013

December 12, 2013, Gebze - Kocaeli, Turkey

Workshop on: Integrating Numerical and Experimental Approaches for The Design of Next Generation Fuel Cells

December 10, 2013, ENEA Rome Headquarters, Rome, Italy

Sustainable Development of Contemporary City

December 6, 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan

Simferopol International Autumn School on: Advanced course on thermodynamics

November 18, 2013, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Workshop on: Tourism as a key factor for sustainable development of the Black Sea Region

November 6, 2013, Rize, Turkey

Baku International Humanitarian Forum 2013

October 31, 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

Protection and Sustainable Management of the Black Sea Ecosystem, Third Millennium Imperative

October 31, 2013, Constanta, Romania

BSUN Workshop: Frontier Research Perspectives on Nanotechnologies

October 30, 2013, Baku State University , Baku, Azerbaijan

Black Sea - Challenges Towards Good Environmental Status 2013

October 28, 2013, Hotel Flora, Mamaia, Romania

BSUN Think-Thank Workshop

September 25, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

1st UNAI Collegian Research Competition and Global Development Conference

August 23, 2013, Seolul, South Korea

PABSEC International Student Essay Competition “The Black Sea Region 20 Years from Now”

August 22, 2013

Interview with Dr. Hisashi Yamamoto, Secretary General of the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions

August 7, 2013, Constantza, Romania

Official visit of BSAMI delegation

August 5, 2013, Constantza, Romania

VIII Summer School "Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics"

August 1, 2013, Kiev, Ukraine


July 9, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

7th INTEROP-VLab GA Week

July 2, 2013, Brussels, Belgium

International Summer School on PEM Fuel Cells

June 17, 2013, Bursa, Turkey

The participation of prof. Eden Mamut, BSUN Secretary General to the Forum of the Civil Society

May 1, 2013, Ankara, Turkey

Third International Black Sea Civil Society Forum

May 1, 2013, Ankara, Turkey

The official visit of Acad. Jorgaq Kacani, BSUN President, in Bucharest, Romania

April 29, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

International Conference "V. I. Vernadsky and the Global Problems of Modern Civilization"

April 23, 2013, Simferopol, Ukraine

1st ALRAKIS II Selection Meeting

April 11, 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia


April 9, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey


April 3, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

PABSEC Cultural, Educational and Social Affairs Committee Fortieth Meeting

March 26, 2013, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

BSUN Invited Lecture: Achievements and Perspectives in the Field of Nanosciences in Azerbaijan

March 22, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

International Scientific Conference Culture: In Quest of a New Paradigm

March 18, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

BSUN ONLINE COURSES - Prof. Dr. Enrico Sciubba


Brokerage Event for projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells addressing FCH JU Call for Proposals 2013

March 12, 2013, Bucharest, Romania

Colloquium of the Institute of Nanotechnologies and Alternative Energy Sources

January 22, 2013, Constanta, Romania

INAES Colloquium on Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Development

January 22, 2013, Constantza, Romania

BSUN Online Courses - Prof. Dr. Enrico Sciubba

January 14, 2013, Constantza, Romania

BSUN Events Archive

BSUN Events Archive

Members of the BSUN

Presidential Troika

BSUN President in Office
Prof. Giga Zedania
Ilia State University, Georgia

Prof. Vladimir Bumbaširević
University of Belgrade, Serbia

Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece