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International Summer School on PEM Fuel Cells

 International Summer School on PEM Fuel Cells
The Accredited International Summer School on “PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals” is organized by the European Commission, Directorate General Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Energy and Transport (IET), the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking FCH-JU, the Black Sea Universities Network, Bursa Technical University, and the University of Bucharest.
The Accredited International Summer School on “PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals”, as part of the JRC’s Enlargement and Integration Action, has the following strategic objectives: 
  • helping Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries to familiarize with the “EU Acquis”in areas of the JRC
  • contributing to the development of the European Research Area (ERA).
The technical objectives of the Accredited International Summer School are:
  • to provide general knowledge of the design, modeling and optimization of PEM fuel cell systems
  • to enable the comprehension of the detailed operation, functionality and interaction between the various components used in PEM fuel cell systems
  • to develop analytic skills in system integration with respect to system efficiency and control engineering aspects of PEM fuel cell energy systems
  • to obtain the knowledge needed to construct and operate PEM fuel cell based technologies in the laboratory and in real applications
  • to share knowledge related to the practical realization and implementation of fuel cell systems, especially pertaining to innovative aspects, business planning and financial considerations.
The Accredited International Summer School is aimed at but not restricted to: 
  • Master students (with a BSc in Physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics or Material Sciences)
  • Young  professionals  and  junior  researchers  including  PhD  students  from academia and industry
In  order  to  receive  ECTS  points,  participants  should  take  part  in  all  lectures and successfully complete the examinations of the Summer School.
The Accredited International Summer School on “PEM Fuel Cell Fundamentals” is part of a faculty course, offered within the MSc Program: “Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources” at the University of Bucharest, Romania. The Summer School allows students to receive 3 ECTS points upon successful completion of examinations.
At the end of the Summer School, the participants will have gained:
  • Knowledge: Detailed PEMFC electrochemistry, thermodynamics, thermo-fluidics, heat transfer, water management. Structural characteristics and properties of catalysts, electrodes, membranes. Influence of the fuel properties. Mechanisms of degradation in PEMFC. System integration solutions. Testing methodologies and procedures.
  • Skills:Problem solving. PEM fuel cell modeling. Analysis of I-V curves. Techno- economical analysis of PEMFC applications.
  • Problem  solving  Multi-physics  and  multi-scale  structure  of  PEMFC  systems, Efficiency of cell, stack and systems. 


Dr. Georgios Tsotridis - European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Prof. Eden Mamut–University of Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Hatipoglu – ENVERDER, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Ali Surmen – Bursa Technical University, Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ali Kara–Bursa Technical University, Turkey
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KemalIsman – Bursa Technical University, Turkey
R.A. Erkan Caner Özkat – Bursa Technical University, Turkey
R.A .Emre Doruk – Bursa Technical University, Turkey

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Prof. Pericles A. Mitkas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Giga Zedania
Ilia State University, Georgia

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American University of Armenia

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