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Capturing and Sequestration Methods of CO2 for Decarbonised Energy Technologies
Coordinating University:Baku State University
Aim:Development of University cooperation platform on research and education for CO2 capturing and sequestration methods
1. Evaluation of specific conditions from the Black Sea Region
2. Identification of pilot sites
3. Development of evaluation methods including risks and vulnerabilities
4. Developing pilot cases
5. Scaling of the research activities
6. Dissemination and knowledge transfer
Proposed Partners:

-Socar Azerbaijani Oil and Gas Company
-"Ovidius" University of Constantza
-Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti
-Politechnica University of Bucharest
-ENEA Italy
- JRC Institute of Energy
- Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA

Expected Components:
  1. Development of tools and database for mapping the CO2 sources;
  2. Development of expert system for the evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities of CO2 sequestration sites;
  3. Research program on biochemical processing of CO2 for integration in production value chains;
  4. Master and PhD Program on CO2 capturing and sequestration.
Status:Proposal Phase
Funding:Black Sea EraNet
Contact:Prof. Abel Maharramov, Prof. Irada Aliyeva

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