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UNAI International Youth Centre
Coordinating University:Istanbul Technical University
Aim:Development of a model for cooperation between universities in promoting intercultural exchange and cooperation between students for addressing the main challenges in the society.
  1. Definition of a concept for the future Centre;
  2. Identification of national and international funding organizations;
  3. Development of the facility;
  4. Initiation of a sustainable program of activities involving students from different countries of the region.
Proposed Partners:

-  Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University
- National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”
- Baku State University
- State University of Astana
- Moscow State University “V.I. Lomonosov”

Expected Components:

1.      International Art Festival gathering students on Fine Arts and Conservatory from the Black Sea Region;

2.      Digital Archive for preserving and promoting the cultural identity in the Black Sea Region.



Status:Proposal Phase
Contact:Prof. Fevzi Unal

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