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Nano and Micro technologies for Sustainable Development
Coordinating University:National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"

To aggregate the capabilities of universities for solving efficiently problems in advanced materials (advanced nanomaterials) research by using of unique modern experimental techniques, which are available in the universities.

  1. to use networking tools and advanced broadband infrastructure technologies to realize the principles of creating, functioning and managing of the Virtual International Laboratory applied to Advanced Materials Research in the Black Sea region;
  2. to develop on this basis an international scientific collaboration, communication, information and knowledge exchange  in Black Sea region;
  3. to carry out technical seminars, workshops, short term exchange schemes, thematic summer schools and/or similar events within the field of advanced materials, particularly – nanophase-materials and modern investigation techniques;
  4. to determine some ultramodern complex problems in the field of advanced materials, particularly – nanophase-materials, which are actual for the Black Sea region industry, and which could not be solved by a singe university team;  to carry out research to solve some of these problems; a special emphasis will be made on the cooperation in joint usage of modern investigation techniques, particularly, – electron microscopy (TEM, SPM, AFM, LEED, HEED, EELS and other);
  5. to use more widely in research of advanced materials the methodology of "Data Base Science and Materials Design", which is based on manipulating and managing of Data Bases in various areas of materials science and nanomaterial science;
  6. to prepare – during the NeTAMaR project time – other competitive international research projects in Material Science research and promote them for European topics calls;
  7. to support academic mobility (scientists, teachers, students) in the Black Sea region on the basis of advanced materials research collaboration.
Proposed Partners:

- National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute
- "Ovidius" University of Constantza

Expected Components:
  1. Establishment of a Romanian-Russian Joint Research Centre on Nano and Micro Technologies;
  2. Master and PhD Program on Micro and Nano Technologies;
  3. Studies on the environmental impact of Nano Technologies;
Status:Proposal Phase
Contact:Prof. Timothy O'Connor

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