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Open Learning for Sustainable Development
Coordinating University:Handong Global University

To identify and support qualified scholars at universities to contribute to a growing pool of open lectures throughout the world. The initiative will provide a platform for instructors to upload their materials, allocate monetary funds for instructors willing to participate, and offer training on teaching with digital media and intellectual property.

Proposed Partners:

- “Ovidius” university of Constanta
- Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University
- Baku State University

Expected Components:

-          Capacity building: Participating faculty will have a better understanding of digital media and teaching, leading to enhancement in teaching.

-          Global benefits: Open contents created through the initiative will benefit not only the students at participating institutions but also other teachers, students and self-learners from all over.

-          Networking and collaboration: Participating faculty‘s involvement with the OER community will enable them to access and exchange with colleagues from universities around the world.

Status:Proposal Phase
Contact:Dr. Youngsup Kim

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